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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 22:49

How many rankings do I need for my tournament?

R = 1 + 2 * S - (Stree + Snosplit)

R - number of rankings
S - stages in tournament
Stree - stages as tree bracket
Snosplit - stages as round-robin no split

What happens if I did not make so many rankings?

1. The tournament will be not understandable for fans.
[who cares about fans, lets see next case]
2. You could not determine the final standing of teams (or the final standing will be wrong).

Why did I not find final standing in the entire internet?

Becouse all admins are idiots and are too stupid to understand basic principles:
The greatest illusion in the world of sport is the belief that the tournament aims to establish a winner.
The reason for the organization of the tournament is to obtain the final standing of teams.

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Monday, 16 April 2012 12:28

Attention: Content of site include JoomLeague extension(s), so it's not possible obtain this effect as a pure JL_1.6_NATHALIE version.

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